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About us

Flyrich SWORN Translation (Private) Limited is one of the leading linguistic services provider in Sri Lanka and has since 2011 been a highly identifiable and recognized organization all over the world. Flyrich SWORN Translation has solidly established itself in the linguistic market, delivering effective and efficient solutions and services to a variety of organizations in the corporate world — local and multinational. It offers its clients nothing else than highly sophisticated and comprehensive solutions. Flyrich SWORN Translation’s wide client portfolio is the natural result of its professionalism. With a global network of over 1000 experienced and talented certified translators, interpreters and linguists, FST sets a new standard for linguistic solutions. Flyrich SWORN Translation is proud to work with more than 100 languages and has the capacity to process more than one million words per month.


Our primary goal has always been to satisfy our clients by delivering high quality and standard linguistic solutions. We give priority to strict compliance with deadlines, translation accuracy, confidentiality and privacy policies and friendly relationships with our clients. We have a vast team of linguists, translators, interpreters, proofreaders, project consultants, project coordinators, project managers and researchers to help us achieve the high standards we pursue.


We perceive ourselves as a global linguistic solutions provider in Sri Lanka, clearly focused on quality and the client and we believe in our crucial role in conciliating relationships between multinational corporations, limited and public companies, entrepreneurs, institutions and people from different countries and cultures, origins and societies, and in eliminating apparently adamantine language barriers.


These are some of the Clients we have Happily Served!


“Without translation, we would be living in provinces bordering on silence” — George Steiner



We provide our clients effective and efficient translation services and solutions in a wide range of domains, be it highly technical translations, such as operating manuals for Agricultural machinery and engineering industry or translation of bespoke software applications, mobile Apps and marketing tools to novels or essays as well as translation of standard legal documents, like birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, and other Legal and Law related certificates or academic transcripts.

Translation services are available in an assorted range of Asian, Western, Indian and Eastern and European languages (more than 100 languages), not only vernacular languages of Sri Lanka, such as Sinhala, Tamil, and English, but also Arabic, Thai, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Korean, Russian, Farsi, Burmese, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Laotian and countless other languages. All translation services quoted would include proofreading by a second and/or third translator. In most cases, the translation process can be summarized as follows:

Translation (first translator)=>Proofreading (second translator)=> QC (back to first translator)=>release to client.

Our team of translators, based in Sri Lanka or elsewhere in the world, are native speakers and all of them are highly qualified professionals specialized in different fields.

What is SWORN Translation?

In Sri Lanka, SWORN translators are appointed by the Ministry of Justice, Sri Lanka, where a translator becomes a sworn translator by taking an oath before a court, hence that his or her translations are accepted as a full and faithful version of the original and in accordance with legal requirements.

In fact, these translations also include the translator’s signature and seal.  All kinds of official documents and legal documents are translated by SWORN translators.

Birth certificates, marriage certificates, death certificates, national identity cards, passports and other official and legal documents are included to the above category.

In Sri Lanka, SWORN translators are recruited through an open competitive examination, which is conducted by the Ministry of Justice, Sri Lanka.


A. Simultaneous Interpreting

B. Liaison Interpreting / Community Interpreting

C. Whispering Interpreting

D. Consecutive Interpreting


We ensure and improve our customer experience by delivering high quality, standard and sophisticated localization solutions to overcome global business challenges; yes, it is possible, now you can provide an extreme comfort zone to your clients by changing your communication channel of your business websites.

Nowadays, websites play a powerful tool in business segment, where it is also perceived as a crucial and significant element of the global world – and we can help transform your official business websites into the most valuable tools which deliver entire information of your business without any misunderstanding in your clients’ local languages.

As the leading linguistic service provider in Sri Lanka, we will help your business to compete in today’s international market – and enhance your productivity by delivering the best and cost-effective solutions, indeed.


Transcription is a systematic process in linguistic domain which is being utilized for various purposes by journalists, translators, interpreters and other professionals as well. Basically, transcription process should not be confused with translation and localization, which those deliver different meanings, and there source and target languages play a significant and crucial role.

However, it is clearly defined as a systematic process, which involves listening to a record (Audio) of something and typing the actual contents up into a document, thus people can easily absorb the entire meaning of the particular Audio file; typically, this may be an interview, official meeting, and etc.

These days, this process is widely used in various industries in order to enhance their productivity and profits, thus transcribers ought to provide effective and efficient solutions to the clients.