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Affordable and professional Sinhala, Tamil, English, German, French, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Swedish, Danish, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Indonesian, Thai, Korean translation solutions and services in Colombo and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & other legal bodies.

Legal Translation

Looking for a more specialized, more accurate and professional translation services and solutions in Colombo, Sri Lanka for your sophisticated legal documents. Highly professional legal translation services in Tamil, Sinhala, English, German, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, French, Spanish, Malay, Korean, Indonesian, Dutch, Swedish, Polish and etc.

Technical Translation

We provide our clients effective and efficient translation services and solutions in a wide range of domains, be it highly technical translations, such as operating manuals for Agricultural machinery and engineering industry.

Medical Translation

Flyrich Sworn Translation Ltd delivers medical translation services in over 100 global languages. Also, we meet the highest level of quality in providing Medical Translation solutions in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Business Translation

Our business translation solutions consist of financial materials translation services, banking translations and insurance document translation services in all languages. Flyrich is the cost-effective and standard service provider in Sri Lanka. The leading translation and interpretation company in Sri Lanka.

Software Translation

Are you looking for a trusted Software translation solutions provider in Colombo, Sri Lanka? If yes, you are in the right place for your cost-effective software and mobile apps translation services. Flyrich Sworn Translation provides the best and sophisticated solutions to corporates and subsidiaries.

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