What is subtitleTM?

subtitleTM is our official brand name for subtitling and translating the movies and documentaries in order to serve the corporates, YouTubers and television channels for the professional purposes and enhance the productivity and accomplishing their business goals.

What is Subtitling?

Subtitling is the process of adding text to any audio-visual media to express the message that is being spoken. In fact, subtitling is widely used in the film industry these days in order to convey the same and accurate message in a written form.

This process simply allows the audience to read and understand the source message what is being said in the visual since some times native speakers do speak in a speedy manner so other people who if they knew that language as well but they would get struggle to understand the accurate meaning what is being said in the video so this process assist them to overcome this particular struggle by absorbing the right meaning indeed.

What is Subtitling translation?

Certainly, subtitle translation is the art of translating one visual language into another through written text subtitles. This process is not like a typical translation and proofreading task and will consume much time to produce a masterpiece output.

In order to obtain a standard and effective products, the input should be the same as high quality and professional linguists to be involved in this process.

Basically, it is not a word to word translation but the source meaning should be reflected in the output video and subtitles are typically displayed on 1 or 2 lines of text, in 2-4 second bursts. 

A good subtitle translation will enhance the quality of the source video and it will boost the coverage of the visual as well reach wide range of audience who can celebrate this in their native language.

Languages we support to Subtitling visuals:

Tamil, English, Sinhala, Spanish, French, Hindi, Malayalam, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, German and etc.

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