Interpretation service Colombo Sri Lanka

Simultaneous Interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting is one of the common forms of interpretation in Sri Lanka since this type of interpretation technique is used in state and private sectors. In simultaneous interpreting, the simultaneous interpreter or translator should translate the source language into target language simultaneously while listening and comprehending the source language sentence(s).

Here the simultaneous interpreter should understand the general and actual meaning of the source language, otherwise he/she is not able to deliver a productive output. Simultaneous interpretation is used for conferences, and assemblies and meetings. Typically, special interpretation equipment is required to perform the simultaneous interpretation.   

Liaison Interpreting / Community Interpreting

Flyrich Sworn Translation provides Liaison interpreting solutions to your particular purpose and needs.

And this form of interpreting is mainly used for business meetings, interviews and business negotiation. Also, it is the best form to a small group of people. Liaison interpreting allows real time communication between two or more parties while no special devices are needed as simultaneous interpreting, but the interpreter(s) may take notes.

Whispering Interpreting

Whisper interpreting is another form of interpretation, similar to simultaneous interpreting. Here there is no special interpreting equipment is required as simultaneous interpretation but the interpreter sits next to the person or a group of people who need this service.

The interpreter needs to translate the source language sentence(s) into target language very softly. This form of interpreting is often used for a business meeting where just one person needs interpreting solution indeed.

Consecutive Interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is used for small business meetings and the interpreter or translator who explains source language into target language while the speaker stops his/her speech or conversation. During the consecutive interpreting the speaker should stops every one – four/five minutes, and the interpreter may take note whilst the speaker speaking in order to deliver an effective and productive output to the client(s).