Why should banks and financial institutions publish press releases in Tamil and Sinhala in Sri Lanka?

Do you think the press releases play a pivotal role in a marketing strategy of corporate environment? If you say yes, indeed, it is one of the key elements for a successful business growth. Each and every organization, either it is small or big, local or multinational, needs to promote its business in a very successful manner, otherwise the particular firm is not able to survive in this competitive business environment.

Banks and financial institutions, of course, support to the country and people in many ways, and who encourage people to save their wealth for their future needs and plans while offering them a retirement scheme as well. Howbeit, banks and financial institutions have to promote their products and services to the right people at the time in the right place.

Press release is one of the key and best options to promote their venture to the right leads, prospects and customers. According to UNESCO, there are around one billion non-literate adults in the world. However, Sri Lanka has a literacy rate of 92%, higher than that expected for a third world country; and this is really good news for an organization which intended to reach out to a large audience through press releases in their local languages, either Tamil or Sinhala on the island.

Sinhala and Tamil translation of press releases play a very crucial role in Sri Lanka, and enhance the productivity of the products or services of the particular organization. Banks and financial institutions should obtain the effective and efficient translation materials in Tamil and Sinhala to strengthen their profitable business in Sri Lanka.

Nowadays, banks and financial institutions promote their products and services using a cutting-edge technology, but targeting the right audience is a matter of an efficient marketing strategy; even though, if they promote their promotions by way of a right medium, it will definitely become a fruitful business strategy indeed.

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Why is life insurance policy translation important in Sinhala and Tamil in Sri Lanka?

Insurance companies need translations in Sinhala and Tamil in Sri Lanka!

Sri Lanka, indeed, one of the most beautiful islands in the world, which has many tourist attractions, and people in Sri Lanka who speak Sinhala, Tamil and English. Sinhala and Tamil are the national and official languages in Sri Lanka. The Government of Sri Lanka emphasizes the importance of trilingual nation, and encourages people to learn, speak and communicate in Sinhala, Tamil and English. In fact, all the official announcements of Government of Sri Lanka are being declared in above all three languages.

However, people feel more comfortable when they communicate in their mother tongue. According to experts, translation is the only source which eliminates the language barriers, and provides flexibility and better knowledge to the people who are not much fluent in their second language, either Tamil or Sinhala.

What is more, if a corporate organization or local company needs to run their business in a very successful manner in Sri Lanka, they should promote their merchandising in Tamil, Sinhala and English, otherwise they may not reach out a large audience or prospects or customers indeed.

Nowadays, Sri Lankans, looking for a good life insurance company, to take care of their health and wealth. Therefore, the life insurance companies have to supply their life policies, advertisements, brochures and other important materials in Sinhala, Tamil and English to promote their business across the island.

Furthermore, in order to reach their products and promotions to the right people at the right time in the right place in Sri Lanka, they should have some excellent marketing tactics including trilingual products materials in Sinhala, Tamil and English.

Research has found that people in Sri Lanka are very keen to obtain a good health insurance policies to save their health and wealth, but most of the promotions and life insurance polices, brochures and materials of the insurance companies are still in English, and written in complex legal terminologies and jargons as well. Nevertheless, it is possible of highly standard and effective translation channel and supplier.

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Top 5 Android Productivity Apps for translators

Nowadays, mobile Apps play an extremely crucial and significant role in our day-to-day life. In fact, Apps make our life as easy as possible, and the majority of translators who utilize the digital devices and gadgets in order to enhance their productivity, indeed.

Hence, here we have listed the top 5 Android productivity Apps for translators who can work in an effective environment and efficient manner by downloading these Apps on Google Play Store as well.

These Apps can also be downloaded free of charge; and hope which those are the best Apps for translators.

1. Keep: This is one of the products of Google – free of charge. Anyone can easily use this App without any advanced technical knowledge, and it is also an efficient mobile App indeed. Keep will definitely strengthen the productivity of translators who could save their valuable time and money. It can be used as a digital diary – having many special features which those are very helpful to use. As a Google product, App developers built this App in an attractive way too.

2. Email Apps: If you already have an account in Gmail, Yahoo, Live mail and/or etc., you can download the particular App product on Google play store. And hope most of the translators have at least one Account with Gmail since it is compulsory to have a Google account if they are using Android platform.  Also, these days the email Apps development Companies frequently update their Apps to reach the high volume of Audience, and to uplift their profit and productivity; and who build their Apps in a user-friendly mode.

However, almost all email Apps have push notification feature which helps translators to receive the instantaneous messages from the prospects or clients, and this feature helps translators to make on time communication, also by this function translators may get many projects, could build their career as well.

3. LinkedIn: One of the largest professional social network in the world. In fact, professionals, personally love this App as much, which can establish their professional network all over the world. Also, this is the most powerful professional social network – translators could also interact with the same industry or professionals as simply as possible and can find out their target market too. At the present time, many translation Companies and Agencies use this platform very successfully.

Recruiters also use this App in a businesslike way for their recruitment process. The Linkedin Inc. frequently update this App in a user-friendly and attractive manner. This App also has a push notification feature where they can obtain instant messages and notification on their profile views and other queries or translation orders. This App also generates translators’ prospects and productivity.

4. Feedly: Another best App in our list, since it helps translators to increase their knowledge in the vast domains. Translators are good readers – need to go through many areas and absorb a deep and thorough knowledge in the particular domain, unless not able to survive in the niche market.

In fact, today’s technology is being developed rapidly since many advanced features and functions have been encompassed into the translation and localization industry, as the translators need to absorb and learn the advanced features to carry on their career in a successful execution.

Hence, we hope this App will definitely assist translators to improve their reading habit. Also, this particular App saves their time – which accumulates all the blog posts at one place, thus who do not need to visit the each and every blogs already subscribed.

5. Whatsapp: Yes, no doubt, it is one of the best productivity App. There are much more reasons behind this why we say which the best one is. Of course, it is the simplest App to manipulate and the best instant messenger in the world, which includes many useful features and functions. Moreover which is being frequently updated.

At present, nearly all the translation Companies use this App to make an effective and speedy two-way communication with the translators. However, this App allows the users to make free voice and video calls all over the world and unlimited messages at any time to anyone. We hope this App is simply Awesome and real time-saver which is available on Google Play Store.