Why should banks and financial institutions publish press releases in Tamil and Sinhala in Sri Lanka?

Do you think the press releases play a pivotal role in a marketing strategy of corporate environment? If you say yes, indeed, it is one of the key elements for a successful business growth. Each and every organization, either it is small or big, local or multinational, needs to promote its business in a very successful manner, otherwise the particular firm is not able to survive in this competitive business environment.

Banks and financial institutions, of course, support to the country and people in many ways, and who encourage people to save their wealth for their future needs and plans while offering them a retirement scheme as well. Howbeit, banks and financial institutions have to promote their products and services to the right people at the time in the right place.

Press release is one of the key and best options to promote their venture to the right leads, prospects and customers. According to UNESCO, there are around one billion non-literate adults in the world. However, Sri Lanka has a literacy rate of 92%, higher than that expected for a third world country; and this is really good news for an organization which intended to reach out to a large audience through press releases in their local languages, either Tamil or Sinhala on the island.

Sinhala and Tamil translation of press releases play a very crucial role in Sri Lanka, and enhance the productivity of the products or services of the particular organization. Banks and financial institutions should obtain the effective and efficient translation materials in Tamil and Sinhala to strengthen their profitable business in Sri Lanka.

Nowadays, banks and financial institutions promote their products and services using a cutting-edge technology, but targeting the right audience is a matter of an efficient marketing strategy; even though, if they promote their promotions by way of a right medium, it will definitely become a fruitful business strategy indeed.

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