Terms and Conditions

1. The Attestation & Legalization process will be done within the time frame given in the quote. However, timeline may vary depending on the government regulation, embassy process, University verification and prevailing crisis in Sri Lanka and any other valid legal reasons.

2. All the payments should be settled before we initiate the process at our end. Wire payment to Flyrich’s bank account is only acceptable nowadays and credit advice/ payment slip should be emailed us properly to confirm the order at our end.

3. Certificate owner (Client) should submit all the required original docs to get the attestation done at MoFA and Embassies. However, embassies and MoFA may require some additional papers when handling the documents so the client should corporate and timely send us the original/ scanned document(s) without any further delays.

4. Client must submit the original hard copies for Attestation and Legalization purposes and scanned copies should be emailed to us properly before dispatching the hard copies to Sri Lanka.

5. Hard copies must be couriered by DHL or any other courier service providers to our Dehiwela office and the waybill number ought to be forwarded to track the document at Flyrich’s end.

6. Attestation and Legalization service will be carried out under the docsLegi (service provider) brand.

7. No refund is applicable if the client is unable to submit any required original documents. Flyrich reserves the right to take appropriate action if any forged documents are found. Up to 30% will be refunded if the MoFA, embassy, University, or Institute refuses to certify the docs. Valid reasons will be notified to the client so the client may resubmit the additional docs to proceed with the Attestation if he/she wishes to continue the process.

8 . The validity period of the quote is 30 days only. If the client confirms the order after the validity period of the quote, that quote will be considered null and void as per Flyrich’s policy and a new quote should be sent to the client again considering the MoFA and embassy regulations and prevailing conditions of Sri Lanka.

9. Documents verification charges will be applied if any documents need to be verified at Embassy, University, and MoFA end.

10. Clients are requested to reach out to us via email and on the phone. Our team will reply (on time) within 02 working days.

11. Hard copies and final attested documents will be couriered to the client’s address free of charge and it will be reached within 03-14 working days. It also may vary depending on the government and courier service provider regulations and destination.