Frequently Asked Questions for getting the legal sworn translations at Flyrich

Do you provide a legal sworn translation?

Yes, we do provide.

Is the translation legally valid and approved by the MoFA and embassy or other legal body in Sri Lanka or any other foreign country?

Yes, simply our translations are legally valid for your any legal purposes and you are able to submit these translations to any of the legal body.

How much does it cost for getting a BC/MC/NIC/DEED and other relevant legal documents and etc.?

We are able to send you the quote once you email us the scanned docs only. The quote should include the timeline, cost and other terms indeed.

How long does it take to complete the translation?

Typically it takes 2-3 working days but it may vary depending on the word/page count, size and language.

How can we get the hard copies once you finalize the sworn certification?

Yes, you can collect the hard copies at our office in Dehiwala or Rajagiriya once you tell us your specific client Id given by us.

Do you provide any one day service?

No, we don’t provide any one day service right now.

Will you be able to courier the hard copies if I am unable to pick up the docs at your office?

Yes, we are able to courier you the docs once we complete the process. The delivery time is vary depending on the location and delivery partner. However you can track your documents at your end.

How can i check the spellings and other details are correctly input at your end before certifying the docs?

Indeed you can check all the above details since we will send you the draft copies once we complete translation to check this at your end.

What is the best option to reach out to you in terms of the inquiry?

Email is the best option to reach out to us but Facebook messenger, Instagram and hotline options are also available.

How long does it take to send me the quote once I email the scanned copies?

The quote should reach you within 2-3 hours or within a day but weekend and holidays may affect this timeline.

How can I place the order and your payment terms?

You need to send us your payment slip to confirm the order.

Can you keep our private and confidential documents and maintain our privacy at your end?

Yes indeed and we should keep the privacy and confidentiality of your documents and personal information — we do not disclose any of your contact information or personal details with any third party for any purposes.